Yimsiam Interfoods Co., Ltd.
was established on 8th May 2014 as a subsidiary company of Yimsiam Marketing Company Limited. The business of Yimsiam Marketing Company Limited. is emphasized on Halal food and distribute their product to both domestic and foreign market in order to enhance plain satay to be served people around the world without the limitation of race religious gender and age. Although product of Satay enable to be found out in the market, the good quality and high standard of satay product is deficient. This is because of the difficulty and complication of production process. Therefore, this is an opportunity for our company to offer a unique and high quality product line to both internal and external market. For five years experiences of studying delicately all production process and developing product continuously, we now enable to produce outstanding product to be fulfilled in Satay market under "I'm Smile" brand with covering all complete Satay product type.